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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. breaking news tonight, three people, including a little girl shot during a gun battle at a bay area nail salon. >> i wrote a letter about seven years ago. i said this is not going to work. >> he's a legendary star and tried to reach out to whitney houston. plus, the three drugs now at the center of her death investigation. the new bay area crime spree. criminals stealing smart phones out of people's hands. there is a solution. >> it's been a very successful program. >> how australia dramatically cut phone thefts. why american companies don't want to offer the same protection. >> let's get right to the breaking news. a running gun battle at a nail salon in vallejo. on the 1800 block of springs road, kit doe is there and standing by. kit. >> reporter: there are two different versions of what
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happened out here and vallejo police say 7:15, there was some kind of shooting where there is evidence that there are more than one gunman and that there is evidence also of a rolling gun battle. three people are in the hospital at this hour. the other version of the story comes from the owner of the brother. now he tells us that at about 7:15, a gunman walked into the door here. he had a female intended victim fire some shots, she was injured and then he turned the gun on the mother of the owner. she was also shot twice. once in each arm and then the daughter of the owner, she was shot twice in the stomach, once in the leg. the gunman left and then the male companion of the first intended female victim. he grabbed his gun and returned the fire. there are a lot of shell casings out here in front of the store, especially to the left of the nail shop.
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so, all three victims went to the hospital. their conditions are unknown at this hour. was there a rolling gun battle? was there domestic violence that escalated to this shooting? we do not know. we'll have more answers as this investigation progresses. ken, back to you. >> thank you, kit. a couple hours ago, whitney houston's body arrived in her hometown of newark, new jersey. tmz is reporting that movie mogul, tyler perry lent his private jet to fly her body across country. the investigation into her death is apparently focusing on three specific drugs. >> whitney houston's homecoming was far from the lifestyle she come to know. sadly, her coffin returned to new jersey in the belly of a private jet. but before releasing the body of the 48-year-old vocal fenom. whitney houston's death is not
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a criminal investigation. yet, confirmed prescription drugs were discovered in her upscale hotel room. >> they have identified, as i am told, three drugs. the zanac, and the valium. >> dr. cereal ceril wecht, and wecht says -- >> i think that they will determine that she died from the drugs, that she did not die from accidental drowning. >> dr. wecht believes the images, she was intoxicated with large amounts of alcohol in the hours leading up to her death. wecht claims the drugs and alcohol were a perfect recipe for coma. >> these are very quiet,
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placid, silent deaths. >> releasing pictures of meal service. tmz claims there is a beer can and champagne flute. >> i've been there with ray charles, with jimmy hendricks, michael. when you are successful, there's no question about it. >> in raised at houston's admitted drug use, jones did what her entourage apparently could not. >> i wrote whitney a letter about seven years ago. i said, this is not going to work. she was apologetic and trying to clean it up a little. >> so quincy jones settled into the same resolve of what his other friends. unable to help those unwilling to help themselves. >> they don't care what you're talking about. not a chance. like it's a joke. >> now meanwhile, dr. wecht
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believes the cause of death will be known as early as wednesday. don't expect an answer for many weeks. he says given dr. conrad murray, investigators will be checking every prescription and every amount to uncover what was medically necessary. ken. >> robert lyles, thank you for that. we obtained original takes of whitney ha launched her career. take a listen to these. ♪ how will i know if he's thinking of me ♪ ♪ i do shine >> yes, vocal track, you can't mistake it. whitney singing in a san rafael studio in the mid 80s. at the time, she was a complete unknown. the song was originally meant for janet jackson, but then bay area song writers, george meryl and shannon heard whitney sing their lyrics. >> as soon as i heard it over the phone with george, we went,
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oh my god. >> she was just this young, vibrant, you know, spunky kid and you know, she could do anything. >> a lot of folks don't know that seven of whitney's number one hits were recorded in that san rafael studio. the search for victims of the so-called speed-free killers was suspended because of the rain. investigators have been digging in an area near the town of lyndon since thursday. over four days found human bones and shoes. today, we heard from a woman whose father may be one of dozens of victims. >> i believe he's buried in a well on that property. my dad would be an easy victim. he was easy going and trusting. >> normally the biggest thing in that town of lyndon is the annual cherry festival. we sent mark sayer out there tonight and he discovered as horrible as all this is right now, there is some relief.
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>> lyndon, population about 1800. situated on state highway 26 east of stockton, you need to be heading here to find it and that's the way the locals like it. >> it's just country. it's small town. hometown. family. it's quaint and it's nice. >> but san joaquin county sheriff deputies now believe they have discovered what could be a mass grave for perhaps a dozen murder victims. two men, wesley sherman and his friend went on a killing spree in the 80s and 90s. they attended lyndon high school. it was shermantine himself from behind bars who provided the information which led deputies to this site. >> it is shocking. >> can you believe this happened in len don? >> no, i can't. i don't think anybody believes it. >> in a town this small, many people knew both of the men suspected of these crimes and have been following this case
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for decades. now makes the news of what is happening a short distance up this road even more difficult to hear. >> everybody was shocked that shermantine came forward and was actually going to, you know, identify. we just figures he would go to his death. everybody wondering what happened. >> but long time lyndon resident says in some ways, what is happening now may have a positive side for both the community and the families of the victims. >> i'm really just glad that they are finding these people and we knew they were out there. we just didn't know where. and we would have never found them. so i think it's good that this is all coming to ahead. >> in lyndon, mark sayer, cbs 5. >> search will resume in the abandoned well tomorrow. weather permitting. well, he was man's best friend to the very end. san jose police say a small dog was killed while trying to
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protect his owner. glenn ramirez explains the trouble started after the suspects saw red. >> i walked my dog like normally. >> miguel who does not want to be photographed or identified said it was something he and his terrier did almost every day. this time when they walked to winchester and west san jose, three young men confronted them. >> they asked me and i said no. >> shadow barked and tried to bite the attackers, but they killed them on the sidewalk. >> dog was stomped to death, but the dog owner was not able to clearly see what happened because, i guess, at some point he fell to the ground. >> he was trying to protect me, but he was a 4-pound yorkie and there wasn't much he could do. he got caught in the cross fire and i feel so bad. >> the three suspects had apparently been part of a car wash across the street
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organized to help pay for a funeral for another young man who was gunned down last week. they apparently jumped miguel because he had a red baseball cap on. >> only thing we know is folks that cause the tackle on the dog owner and the dog is related to the car wash. >> miguel is the first to admit it may be too soon, but he has another yorkie that his cousin bought him to ease the loss. caring for shadow every day helped him get over a drug addiction and for that, there's no replacement. >> i felt that love and i'm just so sad that he's gone. >> done on shadow this afternoon, confirming he did die of blood force trauma which will become important if and when suspects are arrested to help prove a court case. in san jose, cbs 5. >> the president rolled out his 2013 budget proposal today, but he may have gotten an early sign of how hard it's going to
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be to push through. boxes of the document became stuck in a doorway when they were delivered to the house of representatives. $3.8billion plan includes $350 billion to stimulate job growth. >> at a time when our economy is growing and creating jobs at a faster clip, we have to do everything in our power to keep this recovery on track. >> somebody asked me if this budget was dead on arrival. i said no, it's debt on arrival. >> the plan renews the president's call for tax hikes on the wealthy. it also ends tax breaks for big corporations and includes $4 trillion worth of spending cuts. 200 new jobs coming to san francisco. today the penthouse club kicks off a two-day job fair for its newest location. that club, looking for dancers, bartenders, wait staff, and kitchen staff, the job fair will continue tomorrow. >> a bay area school making it
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difficult to go. why there was only one bathroom for 1400 students. and at&t is making good on its threats. the company is limiting its data hog. how you'll know if you're one of them. stolen smart phones are a booming business. own con tries found a way to curve this crime. >> it's been a very successful program. >> why carriers won't try it. coming up next.
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more than 100- thousand dollars of damage to an elementary school in richmond. vandals caused more than $100,000 damage to an elementary school in richmond. they broke into the elementary yesterday afternoon. they flooded the auditorium, splattered paint on the walls and floors and broke the windows. and it's happened before. >> they vandalize the second time. this time they sent the message that you thought we were playing last time, we are serious. this happened before. not to this extent, but we had this happen six weeks ago. >> so far, no suspects. there's a $10,000 reward. the students at a contra cost tay county high school have an urgent matter. locked restrooms left them with nowhere to go, literally. administrators have locked all but one pair of restrooms. they say it's because of
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vandalism and graffiti. another pair was opened after students complained, but even that may violate state requirements. >> i don't believe that having two sets of restrooms, one set for boys and one set for girls accomplishes the state compliance. >> anyone in the community can file a formal complaint with the state that the school is in violation of the law. that would require the school district to solve that problem. >> it would do it, limit its unlimited data plans. now it's following through on that promise. the company says the top 5% of users are putting a strain on the smart phone network. at&t can't charge them. the company is slowing their data speeds to a crawl when they hit a certain limit. >> unlimited has never been unlimited. some smart phones got popular,
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it had a big asterisk. >> it is unfair, but it is legal. what at&t really wants is to get high data users to ditch their grandfathered unlimited plans and buy one of the companies new tiered data plans. >> well, it's a growing crime wave. people getting robbed and often beaten for their iphones. what are wareless carriers doing about it? grace lee doesn't even want to try. >> it's a crime that pays quick returns as fast as smart phones can be stolen. can be sold. cbs 5 investigation found brazen operations right out on the street. could it also be happening in stores? cbs 5 collected five used iphones and took them under cover to five wireless stores
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to see what would happen. this manager didn't bat an eye. >> what are you selling them for? >> clerks seem all too eager to buy. >> no questions asked. police say they are doing what they can, but what about the industry? >> carriers like at&t and verison -- once you turn your phone off, it doesn't work. what could work is blocking and some countries using it successfully. >> chris with the australian mobile telecommunications association explained how his country lost and stolen program works. >> attached to every mobile device. someone who steals a phone, that phone is blocked across all three networks and is essentially rendered useless. >> the program has reduced
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smart phone theft by 25%. so why not use a similar system here in the u.s. john noel is a spokesperson for the uss carrier industry. >> sure, they are hat to maintain. there's a huge consumer nuisance as well. >> the system is not foolproof. >> criminals are quite resourceful in that respect. >> but in australia -- >> we don't see a lot of that happening in this market. >> this maven agrees. >> i have yet to see it. >> he is a manager, a worldwide chain of stores that buys and sells used electronics. >> unhike the stores we visited, the strict pawnshop regulation. >> anyone who wants to sell a phone gets there are lee
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checked. >> what i need for you real quick is a signature and a right thumbprint. >> customers even get fingerprinted. and it makes -- couldn't provide a data base, too. >> it's either laziness or other means of properties. they sell more phones. >> it seems like there's no incentive for the carriers or manufactures to produce a data base. because at the end of the day -- >> is there no likelihood at all that this could happen sometime in the future? >> if there's something you can do beyond what is in the place today, i'm sure carriers are quite interested in that. they want to keep customers happy. >> for me, it's status quo. in san francisco, grace lee, cbs 5. >> caltrans wants to put you
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to work. they want to help spread the word. the westbound deck of the bay bridge will close this weekend if you haven't heard. the agency post eds this stimulation to demonstrate the work will be completed over the weekend. the westbound deck will be closed from 8:00 p.m. friday until 5:00 a.m. next tuesday. >> nuzzle up with your valentine. we have a cull day and you should expect it. right here on cbs 5.
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welcome back to eyewitness news right here on cbs 5. what a day. we had splashes of sunshine, we had rain, we had hail. we had over 4 1/2 inches of snow atop mt. hamilton and skyline boulevard in santa cruz and now we see skies are parting as we take a look at the tower and the numbers are dropping like a rock. check out liver more in the
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upper 30s. high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 tomorrow morning. we already had some breakers up to 20 feet and actually even though the advisory is going to expire, we'll see large swells all week long. we have a will the of activity over the pacific ocean. now the cooler air mass behind it is just sinking into the northern half of the state of california. we will have a cool tuesday after a little bit of patchy fog and then a cloudy night ahead. because another system, but it will take more of an inside track and move well to the north of the bay area. you see that by wednesday morning at 4:00. otherwise, it looks like we will remain dry until we start to head towards the weekend. now, meanwhile, your weather headlines, cold overnight with fog forming. a little frost and a little fog tomorrow morning. dipping down to 31 in liver more. 40s across the central bay.
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temperatures in the 50s across the board. now meanwhile, the extended forecast does call for partly cloudy skies on wednesday and thursday. friday we cloud up leading for a chance of rain showers. that's the pinpoint forecast. dennis. will you be my valentine? >> oh wow. is my wife watching tonight? the warriors go for three in a row. no really. and meet the a's new superstar and the price tag that comes with him. next.
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today. the 2-t former 49ers wide receiver, freddie solomon lost his battle to colon and liver cancer. he passed away at the age of 59. steve nash, 38 years old and in the all-star game. hosting the suns, nash had 14 assists, his lay in, phoenix a ten point lead, but the warriors come back. david lee gives golden state the lead. look at fau go inside, dominating. 9 off the bench. their third straight victory.
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to the ice. sharks continue. roberta isn't going to see randy until the 27th. against the caps, boyle from the red line. they give the goal to joe who has 14 points. patrick -- the sharks are 5-3 winners. the a's surprisingly landed cuban outfielder. pursued by six other teens. the slugger is considered major league ready. 33 home runs in 90 games. he gets a four-year, $36 million contract. now that kind of money not only makes him the highest paid cuban, he is the highest paid player of the team. on average. cocoa crisp makes $2 million less per year. it was take your kid to workday at michigan state. women's basketball coach and her son start the top five. >> i felt like we didn't do
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well. struggling a little bit. yeah. we were disappointed. we got that out of him. >> and night one, westminster dog show. the owner named tina fa. yes, it was named after the actress. disguised as singer sasha. number two, high school hockey in detroit. alex mason lifts the puck on a stick, dumps it in, how about that? that is a beauty. and the number one play of the night. 13-year-old eric cought an 18- pound, 9 pounce bass that set a record at shadow cliff lake in pleas sandton. i did not know that eric had accomplished that increedable feet. that is good. i was bragging about my 8- pounder last week. >> i've never caught a hog
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like that. >> that's a big guy. >> we'll be right back. [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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